Interstate movers have three main requirements, in addition to insurance, that they must follow: arbitration of certain disputes with consumers, publishing a tariff, and having process agents designated to receive certain legal papers. Look to the links at left for information on how AMSA can help you with these requirements.

Arbitration Program

Beginning in 1996, interstate movers were required, as a condition of maintaining their registration, to offer neutral binding arbitration on interstate shipments for individual shippers as a means of resolving certain types of disputed claims. In 2006, pursuant to the Household Goods Movers Oversight and Reform Act, the requirements were expanded to include both: 1) Disputed loss and damage claims, and 2) Disputes regarding additional charges that are billed to the shipper after the shipment was delivered. Read more.

Tarrif/Regulatory Requirements

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires interstate movers to make their rates and charges public in a tariff that details the services provided, the conditions under which the services are provided, and the prices charged. Each moving company determines its own rates and charges and publish its own tariff. Tariffs must comply with a variety of federal laws and regulations. Read more.

Agents of Process (BOC-3)

FMCSA regulations require that each interstate motor carrier must designate an agent of process as a condition of being granted and maintaining their operating authority. The process agent serves as your statutory agent in each state where you have interstate operating authority; they act on your behalf to receive notice of any legal actions. Read more.