Tariff/Regulatory Requirements

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires interstate movers to make their rates and charges public in a tariff that details the services provided, the conditions under which the services are provided, and the prices charged. Each moving company determines its own rates and charges and publish its own tariff.

Tariffs must comply with a variety of federal laws and regulations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, for example, regulates how shipment documentation must be prepared, how shipments must be weighed and transported and how the charges must be collected. The Surface Transportation Board sets tariff requirements for household goods carriers and prescribes the level of liability that must be provided for interstate household goods shipments.

Federal Laws and Regulations

STB Tariff Regulations 49CFR1310

FMCSA Claims and Salvage 49CFR370

FMCSA Overcharges 49CFR378

FMCSA Consumer Regulations
Due to the complexity of household goods regulations and the potential legal exposure for failure to fully comply, AMSA urges members to seek legal guidance regarding individual tariff preparation. Members may also use a third-party tariff publishing company; however, AMSA makes no endorsement of any one firm.

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