Rate Filing Services

AMSA has provided Government Rate Filing services since 1986, and is always up to date on all the new requirements and technology for the industry.

GSA Household Goods Filing Service Domestic, Interstate/Intrastate and International

Under the GSA CHAMP program, rates are filed twice a year. AMSA will send an updated text file that imports into Excel with your current rates already inserted. You can make any rate changes to the file and email the updated spreadsheet or email your SCAC code with any mass changes to your rates. Once changes have been made and validated, AMSA will email a final copy for you to approve and keep for your records. Once the proofs have been approved we will upload your new rates with GSA-TMSS. AMSA will notify you once your rates have been accepted by GSA and notify you know of any errors/rejections that may have occurred during the filing.

GSA Quarterly Claim/Shipment Reporting Service

The GSA Quarterly Shipment reports are required by GSA in order for carriers to maintain their GSA HHG approval. AMSA will email quarterly reminders to carriers along with the necessary forms to be completed and returned. We check for errors and discrepancies and notify you when the reports have been uploaded successfully to GSA.

SDDC’s Military Filing Service Including the DPS Filing Program

SDDC opens their rate filing window once a year. AMSA will provide rates that are currently on file for carriers to make changes. Once files have been updated we will email a final copy of proofs for your records.

For more information on AMSA’s filing services and prices, please contact Kim Reeder at (703) 706-4972.

GSA HHG Quarterly Shipment Reports Schedule

Quarter   Due AMSA   Due GSA
1st: Jan 1-March 31   May 15   May 31
2nd: Apr 1-Jun 30   Aug 16   Aug 31
3rd: Jul 1-Sep 30   Nov 15   Nov 30
4th: Oct 1-Dec 31   Feb 14   Feb 28