DOE Fuel Prices

The national average for diesel fuel was announced on August 6, 2018 by the U.S. Department of Energy at $3.223. The fuel surcharge corresponding to that price varies by tariff as follows.

Tariff 08/15/18 — 09/14/18
400N As of 1/1/08, this tariff is no longer in effect.
415G GSA formula (see below)
MIL 7%

GSA Formula effective December 1, 2013 (not subject to bottom-line discount): total billable miles divided by 5 miles per gallon, multiplied by an amount equal to the DOE U.S. average diesel fuel price, less $2.999 equals the surcharge to apply. All results are truncated, not rounded.

For example, if the DOE average fuel price is $3.999, the fuel surcharge to apply on a shipment moving 750 miles would be calculated as follows 150 gallons (750 miles divided by 5 miles per gallon) multiplied by $1.00 ($3.999 less $2.999) per gallon would equal an applicable surcharge of $150.00.

DoE Diesel Fuel Prices

To determine the fuel cost percentage (surcharge) to apply, note the applicable DOE price from this table and then select the proper tariff or tender application from the fuel surcharge page. Prices are the national average price of diesel fuel reported by the U.S. Department of Energy. DOE Fuel Hotline: (202) 586-6966.