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Providing professional training and certification is a key mission of AMSA in support of our industry. These programs help ensure our members are not only well-qualified and knowledgeable but also current on the latest practices, safety, technology and regulations to provide customers with the best service possible. We offer ongoing professional training and specialized staff development throughout the year, as well as certification programs for those in specialized career paths — all programs only available through AMSA.

AMSA’s eLearning

  Providing professional training and certification is key to supporting AMSA’s, and our industry’s, mission of providing customers with the best in high-quality moving services. These AMSA-exclusive programs help ensure our members are not only well-qualified and knowledgeable, but also up-to-date on the latest practices, safety, technology and regulations. We offer ongoing professional training and specialized staff development, as well as certification programs for those in specialized career paths. 

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Certification Programs

As the national trade association for the moving and storage industry, AMSA administers several professional certifications for specialists, including Certified Moving Consultant (CMC) and Certified Office & Industrial Consultant (COIC) for sales and marketing associates; Certified Packer/Loader (CPL); and Registered International Mover (RIM). Look for these initials when you are seeking the most qualified representatives of our industry. Read more.

Training Programs

AMSA offers regular live webinars and in-person regional workshops, all tailored to the unique needs of our industry, which are available to members (and non-members at a slight additional cost). Our webinars are focused on specific issues of current interest, or to help improve participants’ proficiency or broaden their knowledge. Purchase previously recorded webinars as well. Read more.

Claims 101 — November 5, Herndon, Va.

Presented by Bob Dalaskey, Business Development Consultant at Grove Street Consulting, this two-day event provides the training for household goods salespeople to become Certified Moving Consultants (CMC). The course material covers a brief history of the industry, ethical selling practices, how to estimate household goods for shipment, customer service, an introduction to claims and a brief section on international shipments. The certification exam will be given on the second day following a practice review. The registration fee provides attendees with one copy of the CMC manual. After passing the test, attendees will receive their certificates and credentials, plus a listing on the AMSA consumer website, Lunch is included. Register now.

CMC Boot Camp — November 5 & 6, Herndon, Va.

This popular one-day seminar presented by Dave Hauenstein, AMSA’s former vice president for compliance and government affairs, covers COD claims, valuation, basic customer service, claim settlement strategies and how to best use mandatory arbitration program. Attendees practice settling claims and review arbitration case studies. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will take the Certified Claims and Arbitration exam. Those that pass the exam will become Certified Claims Analysts. Please note — this class focuses on COD shipments and does not cover Military or GSA claims. Register now.

Packing & Loading for Containerized Moves

This half-hour video is presented in three sections: Packing, Wrapping and Inventorying; Preparing the Container; and Loading the Container. It includes everything you need to train your team to correctly prepare and load containerized shipments that, due to the driver shortage, are becoming a larger share of your business mix. Your company will benefit from well-packed containers, reduced claims and cost savings! This video is packed with information on materials, packing techniques, preparing inventories, tagging, wrapping, container preparation, density, building tiers, and labeling. Get it now.

Annual Conferences

Two annual conferences provide even more learning opportunities. Our Education Conference & Expo includes a broad range of practical seminars and in-depth summits for hundreds of AMSA members from industry suppliers and managers to salespeople and CEOs. The Safety & Operations Conference focuses on new trends and technology of interest to safety and operations managers. Both conferences feature expert speakers from inside and outside the industry. Read more.

Leaders Program

AMSA’s respected Leaders Program has been providing prospective executives with an introduction to leadership skills and analytical thinking for more than 30 years. A select group of young men and women from member companies graduates each year to enhance their careers and provide industry bench strength. Read more.