Executive Committee

The Chairman’s Circle

Standing Committees

Budget, Finance & Audit Committee

This committee works with AMSA President and CEO and CFO on the development and progress of the annual budget and business plan. The committee meets at least once each quarter, and on an as-needed basis if additional meetings are deemed necessary.

Communications Advisory Committee

Comprised of marketing and communications experts from member companies. The committee advises AMSA on industry communications and public relations programs and initiatives.

Education Committee

Provides for the training needs of the industry. The committee will meet annually to review program content and development. The committee will focus on changing training needs within the industry, especially as it relates to basic, core skills like packing and loading.

Government Affairs Committee

Considers a broad range of current regulatory and legislative issues impacting the moving and storage industry, primarily those involving government agencies such as the DOT/STB and FMCSA, Department of Defense, Department of Labor, IRS, and EPA. The committee develops policy recommendations to bring to the AMSA Board dealing with regulatory proposals and legislative measures being considered by the U.S. Congress and state legislatures.

Government Traffic Committee

Responsible for recommending to the Board AMSA policy regarding government traffic issues, and providing guidance to the Government Traffic Advisory Council and the Government Claims Advisory Council.

Independent & Small Movers Committee

The committee’s goals are to help develop your business through education and networking and provide the independent and small movers a voice within AMSA.

International Committee

The International Committee was formed to: (1) To exchange non-competitive information among members that will enhance their international business; (2) To present programs that will expand members’ understanding of international trade; (3) To develop information that will illustrate the scope of international moving; (4) To promote the moving and storage industry’s role in America’s international commerce; and (5) To serve as a forum for international members to meet and discuss matters of mutual interest.

Nominating Committee

This committee meets each year in order to place into nomination at the annual Membership Meeting one-half of the Board of Directors to two-year terms. The AMSA By-Laws require the Executive Committee to appoint members of the Nominating Committee. There is no restriction on the number of members.

ProMover Brand Oversight Committee

Consists of 11 members appointed by the AMSA chair. The PBOC is authorized to review applicants for AMSA membership before they are accepted as new members and existing members before they are elevated to ProMover status. The committee also oversees ProMover brand usage, standards and membership criteria. In addition, the PBOC receives, reviews, and decides AMSA staff recommendations that certain AMSA members have engaged in conduct warranting suspension, termination, or forfeiture of membership privileges. The PBOC also considers and rules on staff recommendations that members of any of AMSA’s certified programs should have their certification suspended or revoked.

Safety Management Committee

Comprised of safety directors and interested executives from member moving and storage companies who meet periodically to exchange information and enhance industry policy regarding safety issues in the industry. The committee provides valuable technical expertise and industry perspective in matters regarding current and proposed FMCSA rulemakings that affect safety and operations. The committee sponsors the annual Super Van Operator and Fleet Safety Awards contests, and coordinates the quarterly industry safety survey. The committee also hosts the National Safety & Operations Conference each year.

Supplier Committee

The primary focus of the committee is to evaluate and support supplier member recruitment and retention efforts. Additionally, the committee plays an integral role in the review of conference-related policies affecting supplier members. It is represented at AMSA’s Board of Directors meetings through the two supplier representatives — the committee chair and vice chair.

Special Committees

Workforce Committee

This committee focuses on the labor shortage for the industry in general, including diversity, inclusion and retention. It provides best-in-class recruitment and retention strategies for drivers including providing career paths for van operators, women and people of color outside (and inside) the driver path, white-collar job pathing within organizations, and attracting younger people to the industry to keep it vital and modern. Its success is based on member input and sharing of best practices.

Legal Advisory Council

Members of the Legal Advisory Council are in-house van line attorneys and in-house counsel for agents. The council sponsors a Law Forum each August to discuss current legal developments, regulatory issues, legislative developments and pending litigation affecting the industry. The council serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors on pertinent legal and legal policy matters. In this capacity the council consults with private attorneys whose practices serve AMSA members and household goods carriers generally.

Pension Committee

The Pension Committee was created to assist the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary and oversight responsibilities for AMSA’s frozen defined benefit pension plan. The committee’s responsibilities include reviewing and approving the funding and investment policies and objectives for the frozen pension plan; monitoring asset management and the investment performance of the plan; exploring options on how to close out the frozen defined benefit plan; and monitoring and approving actuarial assumptions used to estimate the projected liabilities of the plan.

40Below, AMSA’s Young Professionals Group

The 40Below program provides an avenue for the moving and storage industry’s next generation of movers to form a peer networking group to share ideas, discuss business issues, and develop as future industry leaders.