40Below, AMSA’s Young Professionals Group

40Below is a networking group for AMSA members that are under the age of 40. We exist to help one another grow within our careers and to help give voice to the future leaders of this industry.

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Rachael Fischer Lyons
Olympia Moving & Storage


Vice Chair

Ben Cross
University Moving & Storage





Jalie Swanson
Reindeer Auto Relocation



Mentor Officer

Christina Spencer
Alison’s Relocation, Inc.


Mentor Officer

David Smith
Kentucky Trailer


Event Officer

Rebekah Hill
Crown Relocations


Event Officer

Caleb McCartney
Cornerstone Moving & Storage

Committee Members

Thomas Bailey
ReloTrans Auto Relocation
  Monique Gallant
Gentle Giant Moving & Storage
  Tito Perez
ReloTrans Auto Relocation
Zach Baz
Remedy Payment Solutions
  Chase Garvey
United Brokerage Packaging
  Phil Philbin
JK Moving & Storage
Charles Beaty
Acme Car Shipping
  Lauren Haralson
Sandhills Moving & Storage Co.
  Kimberly Redick
Still Transfer Company, Inc.
Jason Birdsall
Sandhills Moving & Storage Co.
  Jason Hopkins
Audit & Information Services, Inc.
  Matthew Reyes
Get Your Move On, LLC
Justin Bruni
National Capital Moving
  Tim Hughes, Jr.
  Devan Reynolds
Virginia Varsity Transfer, Inc.
Oded Carmi
DN Van Lines Inc.
  Adam Hunnicut
Gentle Giant Moving & Storage
  David Smith
Kentucky Trailer
Alex Dimitracopoulos
Remedy Payment Solutions
  Kris Ignatuv
National Capital Moving
  Christina Spencer
Alison’s Relocations, Inc.
Nick Davis
National Capital Moving
  Ryne Johnson
Spirit Movers, Inc.
  Brittany Tovar
FlatRate Moving
Peter Dyakov
National Capital Moving
  Steven Lawhon
Still Transfer Company, Inc.
  Valerie Westdahl
Alison’s Relocations, Inc.
James Duke
Apex Moving + Storage
  Jake Lowry
DMS Moving Systems, Inc.
  Michael Wilson
National Forwarding Co., Inc.
Alise Elliott
Lee Moving & Storage, Inc.
  Casey Myers
Champion Risk
  Katy Wilson
DeWitt Companies LTD., LLC
Steven Fisk
Slidell Moving
  Ryan O’Neil
CSNS Relocation Services, Inc.

AMSA Liaison

Stephanie Thomas


1. Education: 40Below members will learn industry best practices, learn new techniques, and how to better themselves and their careers through 40Below Webinars, the mentoring program and other events;

2. Support the community by hosting an annual chariety event;

3. Innovation: 40Below provides a comfortable environment to discuss issues and challenges members are facing within their own companies and the industry.

Program Components

40Below hosts a 40Below Webinar month that is presented by the members. 40Below members choose the topics and AMSA staff along with 40Below officers facilitate the discussions via GoToWebinar with live webcam and Powerpoint functionality. This is an opportunity to support and learn from one another while gaining friendships and a professional network. As a 40Below member, you will receive calendar invites to attend all 40Below webinars.

40Below Webinars

40Below hosts a 40Below Webinar month that is presented by the members. 40Below members choose the topics and AMSA staff along with 40Below officers facilitate the discussions via GoToWebinar with live webcam and Powerpoint functionality. This is an opportunity to support and learn from one another while gaining friendships and a professional network. As a 40Below member, you will receive calendar invites to attend all 40Below Webinars.

Upcoming 40Below Webinars

*Schedule is subject to change — May–August: No 40Below webinars during peak season


Seeking Speakers!

Interested in presenting in front of your 40Below peers? Please contact Rebekah Hill to schedule a date to present on a 40Below Webinar. Mentors are welcome to present as well!

*Links to participate in 40Below Webinars will be sent out via email to all current 40Below members

Past 40Below Webinars:

Using Data to Develop Your Business – Presented by Jason Hopkins, Director of Sales and Marketing of AIS, Inc.

View the presentation

Managing Older Employees — Presented by Ben Cross, VP of Business Development, University Moving & Storage

View the presentation    View the slides

Blogging 101: How to Attract Readers and Win Customers — Presented by Jenna Weinerman, Updater

View the presentation    View the slides

Obtaining, Reporting, and Actioning Customer Feedback — Presented by Rachael Fischer, Marketing Manager of Olympia Moving & Storage

View the presentation

Virtual Surveys and Virtual Quality Control Visits — Presented by Daniela Alpert, Director of Executive Mobility of Budd Van Lines

View the presentation


This mentoring initiative is a structured experience between an AMSA member who is an indutry veteran and a 40Below member. Once members have progressed beyond the 40Below age requirement they will become eligible to apply for mentor status. Mentors and members will meet quarterly, and after the final wrap-up meeting, members will be matched up with different mentors.

As a mentor, your job will be to help give direction, advice, and be someone that your 40B can come to with questions. It is up to you and your 40B to come up with dates for sessions on a quarterly basis. We encourage mentors and members to attend AMSA conferences. This will provide both parties with a time to meet in person and get to know one another. The sessions can include topics of your choosing. We recommend that your first session should include learning about one another and what areas or topics you both would like to touch base on. If you are unsure what to talk about, here are a few examples:

  • Marketing in the moving industry
  • Success stories
  • Dealing with rogue movers
  • To continue education or not
  • How to manage/lead
  • Seasonal challenges
  • Generational gaps

Participation in the 40/40 Project is not required, but is recommended. The relationship between mentor and 40Below are mutually beneficial. While the 40Below member gains inside knowledge and learns from the expertise of a seasoned industry veteran, the mentors also learn from these young professionals. 40Below members have the insights of the millennial mind — how they operate, what technology and social media is being used and how best to market out to this group of people who are very different from the baby boomers.

For any questions about the mentoring experience, contact Mentor Coordinator Officers Mary Paxton Livengood or Chad Queeney.

Become a 40Below Mentor

Community Involvement

40Below is focusing on getting industry companies more involved in their community, including charitable work with organizations such as Move For Hunger or other groups that can help foster community involvement. Every year at AMSA’s Annual Education Conference & Expo, members will be encouraged to participate in a charitable event. There will be live news coverage and pictures taken for public relations and marketing efforts.


While 40Below is not an action committee, we understand that many of our members are seeking ways to make a difference in their industry. At AMSA’s 97th Annual Education Conference & Expo in New Orleans, 40Below members will be given the opportunity to participate on a panel to discuss a major industry issue in front of hundreds of conference attendees including industry leaders.

Fees and Dues

The membership fee is purposefully low as to not be a deterrent to participation. Membership dues are $75 annually and cover the cost of 40Below social events at the Annual Conference. There is no fee for mentors.

Attendance Requirements

40Below members are encouraged to attend AMSA’s Annual Conference. 40Below annual events occur such as the charity event, 40Below members only dinner with special guest speaker, possible 40Below led-panel during the education sessions, and networking events. In addition, whether you are a mover or an industry supplier, there are education sessions to benefit everyone.

Age requirements: if you have been in 40Below or are just now joining, you are welcome to stay with us until you are 42. However, 42 will be the official cut-off age. If you would like to then become a mentor, and you meet the requirements, you are more than welcome to do so.

Benefits to Members and Industry

Benefits of 40Below include ensuring that the next generation of leaders is well-rounded, well-trained, and well-connected with colleagues who can help navigate the inner workings of the moving and storage industry.

Member companies sponsoring 40Below participants will also benefit from the insight, training, and contacts developed. Mentors will benefit by gaining an in-depth understanding of the mindset, expectations and unique characteristics of the next generation of movers. The individuals participating in the program will gain knowledge of the industry, have access to association and industry leadership, training from industry and business experts, networking opportunities and opportunities to develop and refine leadership and business skills.

In addition, 40Below and the 40/40 Project will provide the association with insights and perspective as AMSA develops new programs, training and certification, and other service offerings.