Submitting a Complaint

If you have a complaint with your mover regarding shipment delay or the quality of service that you received during your move or another type of complaint that does not fall within the guidelines for arbitration, you should first file a claim with your mover. Then, if your mover denies your claim or provides a settlement offer that you are not satisfied with, you may elect to file your complaint with AMSA.

If you have a complaint about your mover that you have been unable to resolve, you may submit your complaint using the form above to provide us with the information that we will need to assist you in processing your complaint. After we receive your complaint, we will contact your mover to obtain a written explanation of the circumstances that brought about your complaint in order to attempt to bring the matter to a conclusion.

AMSA is a non-profit organization that acts as a clearinghouse for matters relating to consumer complaints, information and arbitration. AMSA is not a governmental agency and we do not have the authority to order your mover to provide refunds or reimbursements, force a settlement or to demand any type of compensatory payment from your mover; however, we do routinely remove movers from our membership that show a repeated pattern of consumer abuse.

There is no cost to you for processing a complaint through this AMSA program.

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