Why a ProMover?

Why a ProMover?

What is a ProMover?

ProMover logo The American Moving & Storage Association launched a consumer protection and certification program called ProMover on January 1, 2009. This initiative is designed to fight imposters, known within the industry as “rogue operators,” by giving consumers an easy way to separate reputable, professional movers from con artists out to make a quick buck at their expense.

The ProMover program takes the worry and the hassle out of moving by helping consumers identify quality professional movers who subscribe to our goals and by providing them with information and assistance with everything from finding a mover, to getting an estimate and packing tips, to understanding valuation and insurance.

As the representative of the nation’s household goods movers, AMSA holds itself out as a good steward of the moving industry. We believe in effective government regulations and policies which enable our members to provide quality service at competitive prices. Along with providing advocacy for consumers utilizing professional moving and storage services, we strive to furnish information that informs the public about their rights and responsibilities when they move and the value of professional moving and storage services.

The ProMover program promotes ethical principles in the moving and storage industry and works with federal and state governments to mitigate unethical moving practices; it clearly separates professional movers from rogue operators masquerading as legitimate movers. And most importantly, this program aids consumers by providing an identifiable measure of quality while, at the same time, enhancing the moving industry by encouraging and recognizing high professional achievement.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that AMSA is not a government agency and does not have the authority to order refunds or reimbursements for damages, force a settlement or to demand any type of compensatory payment from your mover. Although our ProMover members have agreed to meet our standards, participation in the ProMover program does not represent a guarantee by AMSA of their performance; however, we do routinely remove movers from our membership that no longer meet our standards.

Leave it to the Pros!

Hiring a professional mover is a smart decision that saves you time and effort while providing the best protection for your household goods or business assets. ProMover certification, brought to you by the American Moving & Storage Association, helps you quickly and easily find a qualified professional mover near you.

All ProMovers are fully licensed and insured and meet high standards for safety and professionalism. Each ProMover is also highly rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Just look for the easily recognizable ProMover seal, which stands for honest and ethical business practices.

Why Hire a ProMover?

Millions of Americans have a safe, successful move each year with a certified ProMover. Here’s why you should hire one:

  • Do-it-yourself costs add up quickly: truck and equipment rental (pads/dollies), boxes/tape/packing materials, fuel, your time and trouble, snacks for helpers
  • You avoid unexpected problems: damage from lack of packing skills, personal injury, truck or van accidents
  • Your possessions are handled with quality and care: professional packing and handling using the latest technology and advancements in packing materials

Trust your move to an expert – a ProMover. More than 2,800 movers have been certified. Get free estimates from certified ProMovers.