Supplier Committee

Mission Statement

Serve as ambassadors for AMSA recruitment promoting benefits/venues to potential new AMSA suppliers.

AMSA Supplier Committee Leadership


Brian Ferguson
IGC Software


Vice Chair

Erin Almand
Director, Business Development



Mark Southerland
Vice President
Custom Movers Services


Immed. Past Chair

Brian Schaffer
Corporate Sales Executive

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Committee Members

Kathleen Allwein
Alliance Relocation Services
  Dan Garvey
United Packaging Brokerage
Thomas Bailey
Relotrans Auto Relocation
  Tad Hostetler
Penske Truck Rental
Scott Buska
ACME Car Shipping
  Martin Lesko
Vanliner Insurance
Jason Clark
  Rory MacLeod
Charlie Cook
Victory Packaging
  Jalie Swanson
Reindeer Auto Relocation
Lynne Conway

AMSA Liaison

Samantha Ha
(703) 706-4994

Download an application to join the AMSA Supplier Committee

Supplier Committee Officers Responsibilities

  • Serve as liaison with suppliers and AMSA staff
  • Represent all supplier members’ interests at AMSA
  • Supports and guides AMSA in developing and executing new initiatives
  • Promotes supplier participation in AMSA events
  • Recommends and recruits new suppliers for AMSA membership

Nominating Process for Officers on Supplier Committee

  • Electronic communication sent sixty (60) days in advance of the Annual Education Conference & Expo; includes duties of officer and affirmation of willingness to serve
  • Nominee responds to AMSA liaison and includes bio
  • Election occurs at the Annual Education Conference & Expo on odd years
  • Officers elected by those at meeting and by proxy
  • Each supplier company gets one vote

Supplier Committee Officers Rotation Process if Vacancy Occurs

  • If chair or vice chair position becomes vacant, next in line moves up and fills extended term
  • Secretary may be appointed by chair or vice chair for duration if one of the positions is vacated
  • When interim term expires, the normal nomination process continues

Supplier Committee Qualifications

  • Three years experience in the moving and storage industry
  • Three years as an AMSA member (applies to the person or company)
  • Exhibit or sponsor at two previous annual conferences
  • Attendance at two prior AMSA events (conference or committee meetings)

Supplier Committee Membership Responsibilities

  • Supports the chair’s efforts and carry out individual assignments made by the chair
  • Serves as ambassador and promotes AMSA benefits and offerings to other suppliers
  • Attends at least one AMSA event (Annual Education Conference & Expo and Fall Meetings/Moving Day on the Hill)
  • Participates in committee conference calls

Failure to comply with these membership requirements will result in loss of seat on Supplier Committee.

Download an application to join the AMSA Supplier Committee